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A Year in Sandwiches

52 sandwiches in one year. Because we can.

A year in sandwiches

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A year in sandwiches

Sandwich recipes

  • Top 10 sandwiches of 2020
    I started 2020 with what seemed like a simple idea: make 52 sandwiches—one a week—blog about it, then pick my favourites at year end. What a challenge and mostly pleasant experience this has been. So much so that it’s really hard to narrow my favourite sandwiches down to my top 10. ButContinue reading “Top 10 sandwiches of 2020”
  • Retro celery toast
    When you spend a year researching and creating sandwiches, you come to appreciate how the sandwich can elevate even the humblest of ingredients. Take this retro celery toast, for instance. I never would have thought that celery belongs in a sandwich—let alone as the star—but after reading this beautiful essay by GabrielleContinue reading “Retro celery toast”
  • Tartines
    There used to be a sunny lunch spot at Toronto’s Holt Renfrew store that served a full tartine menu for lunch. The rustic tartine bread was flown in from Paris, thinly sliced, toasted, and served as a canvas for a beautiful array of sandwich options: cold Nordic shrimp and dill tartines, roastedContinue reading “Tartines”
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